Golang Piter 2019 / Fabio Falzoi: An insight into Go Garbage Collection / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 1 ноября 2019

Golang Piter 2019

1 ноября 2019 (пт), 09:00 - 19:00

Fabio Falzoi: An insight into Go Garbage Collection


An insight into Go Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is an important part of Go memory management. The current implementation introduces very low latency, allowing Go to meet tight scalability requirements. In this talk we will look at the strategies adopted by Go, the reasons that led to the current design and what kind of consequences it has on writing Go code.


Fabio Falzoi
Pisa, Italy
Senior Software Engineer

Fabio Falzoi is a Senior Software Engineer at Develer, where he writes stuff using C, C++, Python and Go. Passionate about coding from an early age, he loves to hack with low level software, contribute to the Linux kernel and, last but not least, understand how to get the most out of the Go runtime. When he is not in front of a screen, he likes to ride sport motorcycles.

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