Golang Piter 2019 / Anderson Queiroz: Testing in Go: from basic to advanced / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 1 ноября 2019

Anderson Queiroz: Testing in Go: from basic to advanced


Testing in Go: from basic to advanced

Go testing package has got everything we need to build a solid test suit from unit tests to integration tests. To take the most of it we need to understand it well. And as much of the things in Go, it isn't hard to master! Using full working code examples we'll explore how to build tests from the basics to advanced, covering test flags, table test, creating good helper functions, accessing test data, black-box tests, integration tests, setup and teardown and race detection. And if time allows we'll look at code coverage, mocking and some helper libraries.

Anderson Queiroz​
Berlin, Germany
Lead Backend Engineer

From hobby to profession, I've been crafting software for almost 15 years, for fun, academic research, and on the market. Having worked with many different programming languages and paradigms and in startups from fintech to travel industry I always end up breaking monoliths into reliable microservices, spreading best practices and standards. Now as a gopher, I try to be always on the top of what is new in Go.

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