Golang Piter 2019 / Information for Golang Piter 2019 speakers / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 1 ноября 2019

Information for Golang Piter 2019 speakers

Please, read it attentively till the end. It's full of necessary information. It will take you around 5 minutes.

1. For your presentations you can use following templates:


Each auditorium has two projectors (VGA), NEC NP4100W 5500LM

Panasonic  PT-EW650E


Fonts size: not less than 10

Screen resolution 1280x800


2. Not later than 28th October please send us final version of your presentation (conf@it-events.com). We will upload them 3 days before the conference here: https://golangpiter.com/en/materials.    

Official language of the conference is English, so please, make sure all your slides are in English, no matter which language you perform in.


3. Equipment

We have MacBook + MS Office 2016 + PDF reader + wifi connection + screencastrecording. 

If you really need you can use your own laptop (though it is less welcomed as we can’t make sure in advance that everything work smoothly).

If you want to use your own laptop, please let us know:

1. The model

2. Which OS?

3. What do you plan to share?

4. Do you need internet connection?

5. Which ports do you have (HDMI, VGA, Thunderbolt, usb type c…)  - we want to make sure we have all the adaptors needed.


4. All the talks start and end up right in time. So if you haven’t finished your talk by the end of your time slot, the moderator will kindly ask you to continue outside the room. We have breaks between all the talks.

- Please, take your slides in USB, better to have it in PDF as well just in case.

- Each auditorium has clicker with laser tag.

- Speaker will have radio mike attached to the head + two hands mikes for the questions. All the question must be asked with the mike as otherwise it won’t be heard in the record.

- We will have special BoF zone, where you can make a workshop. Please, let me know if you are interested.


5. We will record all the talks. Will send you the records within a week after the conference. Do you have any objections (conf@it-events.com)?


6. On the seconf day (November 2) we have cultural program for speakers and program committee.

First part:

At 11 AM we leave from Crowne Plaza hotel (Startovaya st. 6), have city tour and around 3 PM arrive at Azimut hotel (Lermontovshiy pr. 43/1).

Second part:

Lunch in a really nice place with the beautiful view from 18th floor ~ 3 PM - 7 PM

Third part:

Explore night life of the city:)

Please, let me know, whether you are going to participate in the first two parts (conf@it-events.com).


7. The venue of the conference is Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport hotel.

Address: St.Petersburg, 6A Startovaya st.

Here you can find how to reach the hotel: https://cpairport.ru/en/contacts/​ 

You can book a room in Crown Plaza hotel with a special price. Use "Golang Piter" code for a dicount.


8. We will be really thankful if you could share the information about the conference in your social media:







If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask conf@it-events.com.

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